2019 Meet the Artists & Scientists

5 Artist – Scientist groups. 5 Murals. 1 Madison.

Congratulations to our Artists-Scientists teams!


Astrophysics Mural

Artist: Rebecca Jabs, Isaac Herlitzka
Scientists: Dr. Eric Wilcots, Dr. Jim Lattis, Dr. Sebastian Heinz

Big Data/Precision Medicine Mural

Artist: Audifax
Scientists: Dr. Rupa Sridharan, Dr. Irene Ong

Diversity of Scientists Mural

Artist: Melanie Stimmell
Scientists: Dr. Dave Lovelace, Dr. Laura Knoll

Molecular Structure Mural

Artists: Ingrid Kallick
Scientists: Dr. Jo Handelsman, Dr. Zach Wickens

Periodic Table Mural

Artists: Mario Fregoso, Peter Krsko
Scientists: Dr. Desiree Bates, Dr. John Berry