Big Data | Precision Medicine

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Effective medicine may be different for each of us based on our ancestry, our genetics, the place we live, and how we live. Precision Medicine aims to research new approaches for medical care based on differences that influence our unique health profiles as individuals and community.

Big Data becomes crucial for processing the enormous amount of diverse information that Precision Medicine requires. It identifies the patterns, trends, and associations of those large data sets. By using Big Data tools, the information can be analyzed computationally to discover insights for customizing medical treatments and preventions.

Within this mural, everything on the left side can be measured at the molecular level. Images on the right represent what can be measured and utilized for precision medicine if these environmental variables play a role in affecting health - such as stress, microbial exposure, diet, and exposure to toxic chemicals.

Molecular Level of Health

Deoxyribonucleic Acid, DNA

DNA carries genetic instructions for the development, function, growth and reproduction of the human body.

Ribonucleic Acid, RNA

RNA turns genes on and off. Abnormal levels of RNA can signal possible disease.


The microbiome is linked to several disease developments and can influence the safety, tolerability, and success of certain treatments.


Metabolites are made from food we consume. They can affect immune and brain cells causing inflammation or healing.

Celebrating Our Diversity

Women and Inclusion

This mural was imagined, designed, and created by a team of women. It honors strong women of color in the community.

Environment Shapes Health

The Landscape

Trees represent our landscape and how it plays a factor in our overall health along with other choices we make.

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