Periodic Table

Meadowood Shopping Center
5708A-5706C Raymond Road | Madison WI




The Periodic Table Mural explores the fascinating world of elements as the building blocks of everything with two different but complementary approaches. All the known elements are organized in the periodic table of elements according to their properties. Can you spot the periodic table in the background? These variations in the their characteristics cause every element to have a different signature in the absorption spectrum – depicted by the black vertical lines in the rainbow background.

A Journey Underwater

The left half of the mural, a scene under a sea painted by FORNOW communicates the theme through the actual “building blocks” by depicting sea creatures breaking down into their elemental components. These building blocks are a part of our everyday world, making up the sea life in our mural to the food we eat.

Under the Sea

Sharks, manta rays and other fish are swimming in a spectrum of blue waters. The shark is a recurring theme within FORNOW’s street art.


In water, table salt dissolves into positive sodium ions and negative chloride ions to make up the seawater where our colorful creatures swim!

From Atom to Butterfly

The right half of the mural painted by Peter Krsko examines the concept of chemistry through a microscopic journey from an individual atom of hydrogen in the mural’s center to the complex structure of a butterfly wing.

Hydrogen Atom

to see how an electron orbits around its nucleus.

Chitin Molecule

Hydrogen in the chitin molecule is depicted in the chemical structure next to the hydrogen atom.

Chitin Microscopic View

This chitin molecule makes up the microscopic “ladder-like” structure.

Scales of Wing

This ladder-like structure makes up the scales of an iridescent wing.


The microscopic structure of the butterfly wings are the reason for their iridescent colors.

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