Astrophysics Mural

Meadowood Shopping Center

5706 Raymond Rd., Madison WI 53711


Confirmed Paint dates: Tuesday, October 29th 2019; Saturday, November 8th 2019; Sunday, November 24th 2019; Tuesday, November 26th 2019; Wednesday, December 3rd 2019; Thursday, December 5th 2019; Saturday, December 7th 2019

Tentative Completion: Spring 2020

Meet the Artists:

Rebecca Jabs is a Science Illustrator from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. She graduated in 2016 from the Science Illustration Graduate Program at California State University at Monterey Bay and now freelances from her home studio. Working across a variety of digital and traditional media, Rebecca’s work is an observation of nature with a hint of narrative.

Issac Herlitzka has had an interest in public and street art, since childhood. “It always fascinated me, the scale of the canvas, how broad of an audience your piece would reach, and how many people you could influence positively with your work. For years it was nothing but a pipe dream and I focused mainly on graphite/ink drawings, ceramics, as well as a bit of lampworking (small scale glasswork). I only first got the opportunity to be work on such a large scale two and a half years ago, when a coworker (now one of my closest friends) forced me to put my sketches on a wall and I’ve been hooked ever since.”


Meet the Scientists:

Dr. Sebastian Heinz is a professor in the Astronomy department at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His research focuses on the observable properties of black holes and the impact growing black holes have on their environment and the universe at large, using a combination of analytic and computational methods. Other research areas of interest include the growth and evolution of cosmic large scale structure and the development of numerical techniques to study astrophysical fluids and plasmas.

Jim Lattis holds a Ph.D. in History of Science from UW–Madison and is the author of many publications in that field; he helped create UW Space Place, the outreach and public education center of the UW–Madison Astronomy Dept. and has directed it since its founding; he manages historic Washburn Observatory; he teaches courses in introductory astronomy and its history, gives frequent public talks, and consults widely for the media (including UW Communcations, Wisconsin and National Public Radio, and other national networks and newspapers). He has also led many trips focused on astronomical tourism.

Eric Wilcots is a full professor in the Department of Astronomy and currently serves as the Associate Dean for Natural and Mathematical Sciences in the College of Letters and Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He obtained his bachelors degree at Princeton University in 1987 and Ph.D from the University of Washington in 1992. He was a Jansky Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Soccoro, NM from 1992-1995, before moving to Wisconsin. His primary research interests are the evolution of galaxies, particularly their gas content, the evolution of the intergalactic medium in galaxy groups, and the nature of Magellanic-type galaxies.