More about Molecular Structure

Through the day and night – we travel the seasons:

The Molecular Structure Mural begins in the day and ends in the night. Our artist, Peter Krsko, created two multilayered stencils to bring our sky to life.

Cherish our water

Water is made of three atoms: one Oxygen and two Hydrogens. It is shaped at a “bent” angle with oxygen in the center. The uneven sharing of electrons in O-H covalent bonds gives rise to the unique properties of water. There are three distinct phases, or states, that represent the molecular structures of water (Gas/Vapor, Liquid, and Solid.) Can you see the varying degrees of order within each molecular phase?

Dive into Water Filtration

How do we protect water, and recycle water well?

To Fly or to Fish

Great Blue Herons are the largest and most widespread heron in North America.

Light in the Night

If you visit the Molecular Structure mural at night, you may even see a few glowing fireflies hidden during the day.

Can you identify anything else that glows in the mural? Snap a photo and tag us on Instagram.